Atlantic Ocean Smock

The most breathable, waterproof and durable gear that we make. A twin of the Southern Ocean Smock, designed for those who prefer not to have a collar and hood system.
Size Guide
The model is 185cm tall and wears a M
The most breathable, waterproof and durable gear that we make. A twin of the Southern Ocean Smock, designed for those who prefer not to have a collar and hood system.

Tested in anger by experts at North Sails and Vendée Globe sailors, featuring all the clever elements you would expect in kit designed for sailors, by sailors. Constructed in GORE-TEX® Pro and an innovative TightWeave™ face fabric. Featuring game-changing 4DL™ (4-layer durable laminate), impervious to water whilst offering robust reinforcement. A clean neckline without the collar and hood system of the Southern Ocean Smock and latex seals at neck and wrist.


  • Constructed in GORE-TEX® Pro
  • Innovative TightWeave™ face fabric
  • Latex seals at neck and wrists to stop water ingress
  • Extra long 100cm back length for extreme protection
  • Double entry chest pocket with AquaGuard® zips and laser cut drainage for secure storage of crucial tools
  • Clean design to minimise snagging
  • Internal neoprene waist seal for extreme protection that prevents water ingress
  • 4DL™ reinforced seat; robust reinforcement with no water absorption
  • Articulation panel for enhanced freedom of movement
  • Oversize fit to allow for additional middle layer garments
  • Clean design to minimise snagging
  • External Hypalon hang loop for stowage
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  • fabric 1: 100% recycled polyamide
  • fabric 2: 100% polyamide


GORE-TEX® PRO garments are for outdoor professionals and serious outdoor visionaries. The fabric provides extreme breathability, a complete wind barrier to stay warm for longer, a superior waterproof membrane and long-lasting protection - even in extreme conditions. The new GORE-TEX PRO products also come with recycled and solution-dyed textiles that reduce water usage and CO2 emissions, creating a lower environmental footprint.


TightWeave™ is a fabric construction that uses much thinner threads and much tighter weaves. Designed for an optimum mix of capabilities in the different race environments. It is naturally water repellent, making it more durable than other techniques. In addition, it won’t leach toxic chemicals into the environment. A win for humans, fish, animals and the oceans.


4DL™ is a new four-layer durable laminated reinforcement. Lamination means no water pocket is created behind the patch, taking longer to dry. No sewing and seam taping a patch significantly reduce seam failure in a high-stress zone. Thanks to this technology, there's zero water absorption - totally impenetrable to water.


  • All zips and Velcro fastenings should be secured before laundering
  • Machine wash warm 40°C/104°F using liquid detergent, rinse twice
  • Do not use powder detergent, fabric softener or bleach
  • Line Dry or Tumble Dry low
  • Once Dry, tumble dry for 20 minutes more or iron warm (max sole plate temperature 150°C, not on any trims) to reactivate water-repellent treatment
  • If dry cleaned, request clean distilled hydrocarbon solvent and water repellent treatment
  • Do not iron on any trims


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All measurements in the table refer to morphologic measurements, meaning measurements of the human body not of the product.

Size Height(cm) Height(inch) Chest(cm) Chest(inch) Waist(cm) Waist(inch) Weight (kg) Weight (lbs)
XS 160/165 63.0/65.084/90 33.1/35.476 3050/60 22.7/27.2
S 165/170 65.0/66.990/96 35.4/37.881 3260/70 27.2/31.8
M 170/175 66.9/68.996/101 37.8/39.886 3470/80 31.8/36.3
L 175/180 68.9/70.9101/107 39.8/42.191 3680/90 36.3/40.8
XL 180/185 70.9/72.8107/112 42.1/44.196 3890/100 40.8/45.4
XXL 185/190 72.8/74.8112/117 44.1/46.1101 40100/110 45.4/49.9
3XL 190/195 74.8/76.8117/122 46.1/48.0106 42110/120 49.9/54.4
4XL 195/200 76.8/78.7122/127 48.0/50.0111 44120/130 54.4/59.0

Height(cm) Height(inch) 160/165 63.0/65.0 165/170 65.0/66.9 170/175 66.9/68.9 175/180 68.9/70.9 180/185 70.9/72.8 185/190 72.8/74.8 190/195 74.8/76.8 195/200 76.8/78.7
Chest(cm) Chest(inch) 84/90 33.1/35.4 90/96 35.4/37.8 96/101 37.8/39.8 101/107 39.8/42.1 107/112 42.1/44.1 112/117 44.1/46.1 117/122 46.1/48.0 122/127 48.0/50.0
Waist(cm) Waist(inch) 76 30 81 32 86 34 91 36 96 38 101 40 106 42 111 44
Weight (kg) Weight (lbs) 50/60 22.7/27.2 60/70 27.2/31.8 70/80 31.8/36.3 80/90 36.3/40.8 90/100 40.8/45.4 100/110 45.4/49.9 110/120 49.9/54.4 120/130 54.4/59.0