The Sailor Jacket

Reflective Sailor: Reinventing history

History is important, and the Sailor Jacket is fundamental to ours. For over 40 years, the Sailor Jacket has been a steadfast campanion of people from all walks of life. Today it's back, reinvented with a slimmer fit and reflective surface, for a modern take on an iconic classic.

Nature-inspired palette

The Sailor Jacket is available in a range of shades that reflect the natural world around us, from land to ocean and beyond. Whether staying faithful to the original classic navy blue, or breaching out to more adventurous hues, there's something to suit every occasion.

We've got your back

You can't be a visionary if you're not visible. With the new technical, reflective aspect of the Sailor Jacket and backpacks, you don't have to worry about not being seen when moving around in dark environments.

Iconic kids

With its waterproof nature and lightweight feel, the Sailor Jacket is perfect for little ones who just want to explore